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Our little man Will


We brought Will home in July 2009, a dream come true after searching high and low for our first show pup for a year and a half.  He is a sweetheart and a wacky puppy, through and through.  You can view Will's pedigree here..once there, just click it to enlarge it...  Will's Pedigree


Will's parents, William and Rain, gave us one incredibly special little boy.  We chose his registered name...Kennedy's Noble Reign Of Good both honor his parents and embody the spirit with which we have always approached dog shows and the way we have been welcomed into the dog show world.  Win or lose...let Good Will Reign!


Will entered his first show at the end of October 2009, winning the 6-9 puppy class at the Lenape Boston Terrier Specialty Show.  Little did we know what our young man had in store for us!  Will went on to win four Specialty Show Winner's Dog awards, including consecutive days of the 2010 BTCNY Specialty, the 2nd 2010 BTCC Specialty, and most exciting, finishing his Championship by going Winner's Dog out of 38 beautiful boys for a 5 point major at the 2010 Boston Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show in Atlanta!  Will was also awarded one of 7 Awards of Merit given out of the total entry of 193 dogs! 


Will continued his winning ways through the Summer and Fall, winning 4 Best of Breed awards, a Group 4 placement, and finishing his Grand Championship by being awarded Select Dog and an Award of Merit at the Minutemen Boston Terrier Club Specialty in Northampton, MA!  Will qualified for the 2010 AKC Eukanuba National Championship and we traveled to CA in December to compete at that prestigious show!  What an amazing and exciting year it was!  But he wasn't done yet....


2011 started off with a bang!  Will was awarded an Award of Merit, his 3rd, at the 1st 2011 BTCNY Specialty, on his way to the honor of an Award of Merit placement at the prestigious 2011 Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden!  What a thrill that weekend was! He went on to win 5 Best of Breed awards that year, including at the prestigious National Dog Show, and his first Best in Specialty Show win at the Minuteman Boston Terrier Club Specialties.  He also won a Group 4 placement in a very tough group...making him a multiple group placer.


2012 featured 2 impressive Select Dog wins, one at the Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut Specialty and the other, finishing his BRONZE Grand Championship title, at the Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Specialty.  Will also earned 5 Best of Breed awards and a Group 3 and Group 4 placement, all in just 5 months of showing!  Will took most of the rest of the year off from the show ring to let others have the limelight for a time.  (see Our Visitors.)


Will's record in 2013 has been most exciting.  He made the cut in both the Boston Terrier Club of New York Specialty in February and the Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut Specialty in March.  In April he won back to back Select Dog wins from a lovely entry of boys at the Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Specialties, and 2 weeks later won his first Best of Breed award of the year, and a Group 3 placement from a lovely group! In very limited showing, Will went on to win 6 more Best of Breed placements and a big Group 4, as well as 2 more exciting Select Dog wins at the Florida Suncoast Boston Terrier Club show and at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia show.  In half the number of shows as last year, Will came away with twice as many wins!  So proud of our boy, who is looking and showing better than ever!


For 2014, Will showed on a limited basis.  He earned his first Best of Breeds of the year in March and added his 7th and 8th Specialty AOMs to his record at the Boston Terrier Club of CT Specialties.  He swept the Bear, DE shows in April with 3 BOBs under prestigious judges and even earned his Canine Good Citizen title that weekend!  Will won an exciting BOB from a very strong entry in Wrightstown, PA in early June, and a week later took 3 BOBs in a row to earn his SILVER Grand Championship title! What a way to go out...on top!  He'll likely now come out just for Specialties, to visit his friends and favorite judges.  His career has been the things dreams are made of, for our first show dog, and he remains our best buddy and very, very special part of our family.


You can keep up with Will's show results here...  Will's WABR page   We are really excited to exhibit Will's soundness, conformation, and temperament.  He loves to show and his show attitude is a blast to see! Please visit our Photo Gallery page to see official pictures of Will at his shows and his ads.  More are being added all the time, so please check back!


Both of Will's parents have passed their Baer (hearing) and Cerf (eyes) tests, and their knees have been certified against Patellar Luxation by the OFA.   Will has passed his Baer, Cerf and Patellar Luxation exams. The Cerf test is repeated annually, and the LP test is repeated every other year.  This makes Will a CHIC dog...having been tested for the 3 genetic issues most common in Boston Terriers.  Will also tested Clear of the Hereditary Juvenile Cataract gene, his spine has been rated as "Normal" by the OFA, his cardiac exam, via an echocardiogram done by a veterinary cardiologist, showed no evidence of genetic cardiac disease, his thyroid function is normal, his hips rate "good", he is clear of Legg Calves Perthes, and his trachea is normal.  You can view Will's listing on the OFA website here...  Will's OFA listing.  His listing includes the  logo and his CHIC number, identifying him as qualifying for this important distinction.  We are very proud of the health that Will exemplifies, in addition to his good looks!  


Will's excellent health has also given him the chance to father some kids!  So far Will has had 2 litters....and has 4 daughters to show for it!  You can keep up with Will's kids here.


We can't thank Vicki and Sarah Kennedy enough for letting us have this gorgeous, sweet little boy, as both a family member and our start in the show world!  And what a start it has been.  What a dream come true for us!  We know the magic will continue for a long time to come, with Will as part of our family!