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Our sweet Jenny


Jenny came to us when she was 7 and a half years old through Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Rescue.  Her first few years were spent in a cage at a puppy mill.  Thankfully, the mill was raided, bringing Jenny to BTCMD Rescue for the first time.  When her first 'mom' passed away, Jenny came back to BTCMD Rescue, and into our home, which was never to be the same.

Jenny left us in 2012 at age 16.5yo.  For almost 9 years, she brought love and joy to us, and those around her, beyond measure.  Her indomitable spirit led her through much adversity, including her cancer diagnosis in 2007.  After 2 surgeries and ongoing nutritional therapy, she remained cancer free for the rest of her life.  She was on the payroll at her mom's store, and was a customer favorite.  After moving to New York City in 2006, she claimed Central Park as her own.  When asked how Jenny was adapting to The Big Apple, we always was The Big Apple adapting to Jenny!

She was the miracle of our lives.  Our shining light.  We can never thank BTCMD Rescue enough for the blessing they gave us, and all rescue organizations for the magical work they do for so many, too many, animals in need.