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Our Sweet Baby Jane

Meet Jane!   Jane is a sweetheart and a half, and such a character!  She is also a stunningly elegant little girl who exudes breed type, and we could not be more pleased to have her as part of our family!


Jane was bred by Brindle Hill Elite Boston Terriers, who for over 40 years has been dedicated to breeding stunning Boston Terriers that are beautiful, healthy and full of life. That they entrusted one of their precious girls to us is something for which we will always be most grateful.  You can view Jane's pedigree here...once there, just click it to enlarge it.  Jane's pedigree


Jane's registered name, Elite's Noble Ties That Bind, has a very special meaning to us.  When we got our first Boston Jenny, in 2003, we were living in Alexandria, VA, and often studied Brindle Hill's web site to take in all the great information it has to offer.  It was a wonderful learning tool for us.  Additionally, we loved watching the Animal Planet episode of Breed All About It that featured Bostons, and specifically Norm and Marilyn Randall and their handsome Boston Boomer, and could not believe our great fortune in getting to meet the Randalls, who lived in nearby Maryland, just a short time after Jenny came into our lives.  Indeed, we spoke to Mrs. Randall by phone during our search for our first Boston and it was she who put us in touch with Mary Hovey of Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Rescue through whom we ultimately found Jenny.


Well, along came Jane...bred by Brindle Hill, and a great granddaughter to Boomer on both sides.  She brought together everyone and everything that got us started in Bostons, including our dear Jenny. Thus....Ties That Bind, and her name of Jane, a "J" name after Jenny.    Ties That Bind also helped up combine the names of Jane's parents....Brady (think 'braid', a type of tie) and Bindi ('bind.')  Just like her Noble 'brother' Will, she's been named after her parents, and we know, just like Will, that she will do them proud!


Jane started her show career in February 2013.  Her enthusiasm for everyone and everything led us to commencing Obedience training, for which it soon became clear Jane had a penchant!  Jane earned her Canine Good Citizen title just a few weeks before she finished her CH title, with 3 majors and 3 Best of Opposite wins over specials. She earned her Rally Novice title in 4 trials, with a high score of 95, and earned her first obedience title, Beginner Novice, a few months later.  We hope to continue competing with Jane in Rally, and to give agility a try in the future, too! You can follow Jane's show career on her WABR page.


Jane has had a plethora of health tests, and we are happy to announce she has passed them with flying colors!  Her tests include BAER test (hearing), EYE tests (done by OFA in Jane's case, also done by CERF), a Cardiac Echo, Juvenile Cataract DNA test, as well as spine, hips and trachea views, all normal and good!  Her Good hip evaluation also clears her of Legg Calves Perthes.  Jane's test results are available on the OFA web site here, and more will be added as she gets her eyes updated each year, as well as her knees. We are most thankful for Jane's good health, and mental and physical soundness.


Like Will, Jane often eats a homecooked diet.  We are grateful we are able to have a say so over what goes into her body, and as her good looks indicate...her diet brings out the best in her!  You can read more about her diet on the Brindle Hill web site here.


Jane is a love and brings us so many smiles, joy and laughter everyday.  Many thanks to Brindle Hill for letting us bring such happiness into our lives.  Come to a show and meet Jane...see for yourself what this little sweetheart is all about!