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While Will and Jane live with us full time, we are fortunate to co-own many Bostons who are owned by friends, but who have put our names on their ownership and allow them to come stay with us to be shown!
 Judge and Livie!!!
 BISS GCH CH Kennedy's Poetic Justice For Brickhouse CGC--"Judge"
CH Kennedy & Brickhouse Live For The Moment--"Livie"
Judge and Livie are owned by our friend Kelly Feickert in MN.  Judge is one of Will's littermates, and first came to stay with us in 2011.  We finished his championship with a 4pt major and a 5pt Specialty major at the BTCC Specialty show in 2011, and in very few shows as a special earned a Group 2, 3, and 4 win. Judge finished his GCH in August 2011 at the MBTC Specialty when we brought him back home.  In 2012 Judge came to stay with us again, and in limited showing earned an AOM at the BTCNY Specialty and his Best in Specialty Show win at the Lenape BTC Show in August 2012, just before he returned home again.  
That win qualified Judge to compete in the 2013 BTCA Boston Terrier of the Year competition, and what a thrill it was when he WON that title!  He spent most of his year as the 2013 BTOY resting on his laurels at home, but returned to stay with us in 2014 to work on his Bronze Grand Champion title. Judge earned 20 BOB wins in very limited showing, and finished 2015 ranked #8 Boston Terrier in the AKC National Owner Handled Series, and a new Bronze Grand Champion!
Judge and Will are best buddies, and Jane thinks he's pretty awesome, too.  Judge is a joy to have, at home and in the ring.
Livie started showing when she was 7 months old and hit the ground running, earning 6 points in her first 4 shows.  We had the chance to show her at the AENC in Orlando, FL in 2012 and loved every minute of it!  She's lived with her mom since then, and finished her championship in no time, including a 5pt Specialty major win!  In very limited showing, Livie went on to earn her Grand Championship title in 2015 after just a few shows!  Congratulations Livie!
Thank you Kelly for allowing us to show and co-own these special dogs with you! 
Mango, Henry and Ollie!!! 
MBISS Bronze GCH CH Tara's Mango Madness--"Mango"
 CH Tara's Henry Takes A Bite Of The Big Apple--"Henry"
 Tara's Float Like A Butterfly--"Ollie"
BISS CH Tara's Listen To Your Heart--"Elsa"
Mango is owned by our friend Barbara Grizlo.  We became her co-owners and started showing her in June 2012.  She was already a Champion and had already won 2 Specialty shows...but she wasn't done yet!
In our short time showing Mango, she won 16 Best of Breeds, including her 3rd Specialty win at the 2014 BTCC Specialty!  She also won 3 Group 2 placements, and BOS at the BTCM Specialty in April 2014. After taking a break to have puppies, we brought Mango out again in 2015 and in no time she won Best of Opposite Sex at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Select Bitch at the Lenape Boston Terrier Club National Host Club Specialty Show and was People's Choice Winner in the 2015 Boston Terrier Club of America's Boston Terrier of the Year competition!  Mango was aptly named....she is a hoot and home and in the ring!  Will thinks Mango is the greatest! We love our Mango Madness!
Henry is Mango's son from her litter with Spritzer (CH Tara's Sparkling Wine Spritzer.)  Henry and his brother stayed with us from time to time as puppies, and soon found homes of their own.  Henry's owners live nearby and allowed us to show him once he was old enough....and boy was he ready!  Henry finished his Championship title in just 15 shows...winning 3 majors including a 4pt Specialty win at the 2014 BTCC Specialty, 2 Awards of Merit, and 2 Best of Breeds over Specials.  After a couple of months off, we took Henry to the BTCA Nationals and he was Best of Opposite Junior in Futurity!  Henry also earned an AKC NOHS Group 2 win from tough competition!  Henry and Jane are 2 peas in a pod, and we love it when Henry comes to visit!  Many thanks to his owners for allowing us to co-own him and spend time with him!
Ollie is Mango's daughter from her litter with Bumble (GCH CH Kennedy's Bumble Bee.)  Ollie has come to stay with us for show weekends, and she is 100% at home in the ring!  Only been shown in Specialties, Ollie won 3 4pt majors and a 5pt major to earn her CH title!  She is as natural as they come, and we have had a wonderful time with her!  
Elsa is Mango's daughter from her 2nd litter with Bumble.  Elsa is virtually a carbon copy of her mom, in looks and personality...and show prowess!  She won the Boston Terrier Club of Connecticut's Specialty Show in March 2015 from the 6-9 puppy her very first show!  She then won another 5pt major at the Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeders Club National Host Club Specialty show in April 2015....and finished in style, going BOB from the classes and earning a Group 3 placement!  While we are her co-breeders of record along with Barbara, Elsa is owned by Dr. Stacie Zibel and is currently being specialed by Sarah Kennedy.  Watch for this very special team at a show near you, and find out how special Mango's daughter Elsa is! 
Many thanks to Barbara, for allowing us to co-own and be a part of these special dogs' lives!
Amber, Sasha and Levi!!!
Amber, Sasha and Levi are Will's daughters and grandson, respectively.  Please read more about them on the Our Granddogs page!
CH Tara's Sparkling Wine Spritzer--"Spritzer"

In 2013, we had the opportunity to show Spritzer for a few weeks.  Spritzer is owned by Barbara Grizlo, and is Henry's dad.  We had a great time with Spritzer in the short time he was here, including doing interviews for the New York Post and WCBS Morning News!  We showed Spritzer at Westminster that year and he looked stunning.  
CH Kennedy's Wild Poetry In Motion--"Colby"
In 2011, we had the chance to show Colby, Will's littermate.  We were honored that Sarah Kennedy, her breeder and owner, entrusted us to work with her!  She had almost finished her Championship and just needed a few singles...but that didn't stop Colby from finishing with a 5pt Specialty major win at the Tri-Angle BTBC show in 2011, and earning a Best of Breed and Group 2 win from the classes!  What a treat it was to have Colby in our home.  Thank you Sarah and Vicki!  
GCH CH Caramuru No More Lonely People At Brickhouse--"Rigby"
Rigby is also owned by our friend Kelly Feickert, and in 2011 she allowed us to show her for a few months.  A more consummate show girl there never was!  We showed Rigby as a special for just a few months, but in that time she earned 2 Best of Breed wins from respected judges, BOS at the Minuteman Specialty Show, Select Bitch at the Lenape BTC show, BOS at the National Dog Show and BOS in Orlando, FL the day before the AENC Show.  We had a wonderful time with Rigby, in the ring and at home!  Thank you Kelly for letting us borrow your special girl!
There are many other Bostons who have spent time in our home and who we have had the privilege of showing.  We can never thank their owners and breeders enough for entrusting us with them, both in the ring and in our homes!