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Show Handling/Training Rates

Effective 1/1/2020


We've been involved with Boston Terriers since 2003, and first stepped into the show ring in 2008.  We were immediately hooked and since then have worked with many stunning dogs and have amassed many memorable achievements with them, including:


-4 Best in Shows

-5 Reserve Best in Shows

-48 Group wins

-170 Group placements

-45 Best in Specialty Show wins

-11 New Champions

-Westminster Kennel Club-- Best of Opposite, Select Dog and Award of Merit

-National Specialty Show--Best in Specialty Show, Winners Dog and 3 Awards of Merit

-Boston Terrier of the Year (Top 20 event)-- Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up and People Choice winner.


Below is our rate sheet at present.  Updates will be made to rates if/when they occur.


PLEASE NOTE: Our availability is limited.  Please contact us before entering your dog to ensure our availability and attendance at the shows you have in mind. 

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Ringside Pickup Handling (dog delivered to us ringside, groomed and ready to walk into breed ring):  $75.00/show


Home Pickup (yours or mine) Handling (includes: dog travels to show with us, is groomed by us, and boarded by us while we are away at the shows, and all related expenses):  $100.00/show


Handling in additional event, same day (including 2nd show, sweepstakes, any group appearance):  $25.00/event


Bonuses (in addition to additional event, same day fee):

Group 1: $100.00       Group 3: $50.00         Best in Show: $200.00                        Best in Specialty Show: $100.00

Group 2: $75.00         Group 4: $25.00         Reserve Best in Show: $100.00


Additional Grooming, (including bathing, ringside touch ups, etc) if required:  $25.00/dog

Training (at my home):  $20.00/hour

Short Term Boarding (days in our care, but no show):  $15.00/day